Road Video Viewer

Video log viewing across multiple years of collection.

Road Video Viewer™ is Rizing’s standalone video log viewing application that integrates seamlessly into our Road Analyzer™.

View multiple years of collected data

Road Video Viewer displays multiple video log formats across multiple years of collection and can determine if asset locations and events match the video’s corresponding field locations.

This allows you to view your video log data from one interface seamlessly.


Customize your video log experience

Users can play, pause, set playback speed, and pan between multiple camera images. Image metadata can be displayed if needed for detailed analysis. Link and display multiple camera views to a location and configure the multiple images in the camera frame display.


View multiple years of collected data

Road Video Viewer merges and displays video logs for routes collected across multiple vendors and years, allowing you to seamlessly view video log data from one interface.

  • Launch Road Video Viewer independently or from within Road Analyzer
  • Access industry-standard video logs from vendors like Fugro, Roadware, Pathway, DTS, or Mandli using RVV’s generic viewing capabilities.
  • Process and manage images with Image Manager, included with RVV
  • Convert raw video log imagery and metadata into a standardized format consumable by RVV
  • View multi-vendor and multi-year video log data in a single viewing environment

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