Environmental, Health and Safety

Implementation and integration services.

Prevent accidents from happening.

Rizing’s Environmental, Health, and Safety solution (EHS) empowers businesses with proactive safety measures and enterprise-wide visibility into potential hazards.

EHS applies advanced analytics to safety, environmental, operational, equipment, people, and enterprise business data. This helps determine the key areas for proactive risk mitigation and safety management.

EHS helps customers increase safety, reduce incident rates, and mitigate compliance risks with intelligent technologies.

Safety in the intelligent enterprise

Increase safety

  • Reduce incident rates
  • Strengthen safety culture
  • Increase employee engagement

Decrease costs

  • Prevent EHS-related penalties and expenses
  • Reduce EHS program maintenance costs with native integration
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and outages

Streamline compliance activities

  • Automated compliance management
  • Integrate regulatory insights
  • Manage processes and workflows

Proactively Manage Safety Measures and Prevent Incidents

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