Improving Employee Safety and Staying Compliant in the Utility Industry Through Integrated Learning

On-Demand Webinar

A highly trained workforce is essential to the safe operation and maintenance of major assets for utilities. High profile incidents over the last decade have fostered increased regulatory oversight and stringent mandates on heavy industries. Companies must operate their assets safely, or face massive fines, loss of public trust, and most importantly increased risk to employees and customers.

Processes and information systems used to track operator qualifications, and the health and safety of workers, are a cornerstone of a safe operational environment. Utilities need to show that employees are indeed qualified to perform mission-critical tasks necessary to build, maintain and safely operate the company’s infrastructure.

During this session, we talk about how solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS), Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and Operator Qualifications are all pieces that can help a utility become an Intelligent Enterprise that emphasizes safety and compliance.

This panel discussion is intended for utility leaders responsible for employee training, safety, and talent management, as well as asset managers overseeing transmission and distribution, construction, and maintenance, concerned about employee safety and regulatory compliance. It will focus on how these tools can be used together to ensure an organization has the right people that are qualified to do the right work at the right time and being able to prove that in the event of an inquiry.

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