Business Technology Implementation and Integration Services

Rizing is a leading provider of SAP Business Technology Platform services to customers, partners, and SAP.

Our Business Technology Services teams advise on, implements, and support a variety of products and technologies, including the SAP Business Technology Platform, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Advanced Business Application Programming (APAB), JavaScript and Node.JS, machine learning analytical models training, conversational AI (chatbot) training, and SAP Intelligent Robotics Automation.


For businesses to succeed in their digital transformation, they need the expertise and power of an experienced team.

Our experts help you harness technology to grow your business value and work strategically into the future.

Rizing’s Business Technology Services team provides assistance and insights with many aspects of your technology and business strategy. We help with the Integration of SAP systems with other SAP products, non-SAP products, and other SaaS solutions.

Our dedicated global team also builds extensions and enhancements for SAP products and the ESRI GIS Suite.

We provide data analytics including master data governance, data conversion and data science. And we are harnessing machine learning for process automation, conversational AI, and asset and damage recognition in image and LiDAR data sets.

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