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Luc Hedou

CEO Rizing HCM

We help businesses across all industries solve holistic HR needs by leveraging SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass. We are a one-stop shop to help you strategize, implement and manage your HR transformation.

When  you work with us you’re not just getting consulting and technical services, you’re getting an advocate and partner.

A Trusted Partner & Advisor

We are committed to our customers' success by advocating what's best for their business  even if it's not what is most profitable. Our ultimate goal is build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships   

HR & Payroll Business Experts

We employ some of the most experienced individuals in the industry who speak the vernacular of SAP SuccessFactors, HR and payroll. We have experience walking in your shoes working in operations, not just implementing software   

The Most Professionally Certified Consultants

There are other partners who have more consultants than we do. However, no one else has more professionally certified partners that we have 

Independent but 100% SAP Focused

We only work with one software platform: SAP. This enables us to focus on how to best leverage their software and ecosystem. Our close relationship with SAP also gives us an early glimpse into the new features that are in the pipeline.  

Talk to a Rizing expert

Whether you're just getting started or are well on your way with SAP solutions, we can help.

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