Lyra from Rizing Replaces Guesswork with Data-Driven Decisions

Last updated on May 11th, 2022 at 5:00 pm by Mike Boyink

Lyra from Rizing is the only people analytics solution that aggregates live SAP SuccessFactors data with other data sources to generate intelligible and actionable reports and forecasts. See a Lyra demo at the upcoming SAP Sapphire event in Orlando, FL, May 10-12. Details below.

The Reality

Today’s labor market is tight. HR teams are busy fielding questions from executives trying to get past the status quo and meet unyielding demands for corporate growth.

Questions like:

  • What’s our headcount?
  • How diverse are we?
  • How many people are we currently hiring?
  • What’s our current payroll?
  • What percentage of our workers are remote?

More than Measuring

We’ve all heard the Peter Drucker quote: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

But it’s not just the measuring.

Capturing data is easy. We capture gigabytes of it each day.

How do we process that data, combine with data from the old HR system, and summarize it all into reports that visualize measurements in ways that we immediately understand?

And while we’re at it, how do we keep that data private, secure, and compliant?

Lyra from Rizing Provides SuccessFactors Analytics

LyraLyra screenshot is Rizing’s people analytics reporting application that helps users and businesses make informed, data-driven decisions.

Modular and scalable, Lyra is a user-focused solution pre-configured with common KPIs, reports, and dashboards. It features centralized metrics definitions to ensure accuracy and efficiency in creating, delivering, and using data for decision making.

Powered by SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Lyra enables you to include and aggregate live and historical data with reports viewable on any device. It’s SAP approved and available on the SAP Store.

Lyra Modules Include:

Core HR

Provides critical insights into headcount, hire, attrition, span of control, etc.


Allows Synchrony Payroll clients to aggregate payroll results for different geographic regions and timeframes.


Shows active requisitions, recruiter workloads, recruiting and recruiter efficiency, offer acceptance trends, and difficult-to-fill jobs.

Lyra screenshot.Performance and Goals

Shows your corporate goal planning, objectives setting, and performance processes.


Reports on organizational learning activity and calculates key learning metrics such as how many courses have been assigned per employee, completed and overdue courses, top courses based on the number of completions, etc.


Shows compa-ratios, average salaries, total compensation, variable pay, gender pay gap, and more – both as an overall organization and per job level, business unit, department, and others.

Lyra Demo at Sapphire

Interested to see Lyra in action? Look us up at SAP Sapphire in Orlando. There are two opportunities to see a Lyra demo on the Sapphire show floor:

1. The BTP801 Data and Analytics Solutions Demo Station

2. The HXM603 HR and the Intelligent Enterprise Demo Station

Corporate Contact

Rizing Chief People & Transformation Officer Katie Obi will be onsite at Sapphire and available to answer questions about Lyra. Contact Katie via email or view her LinkedIn profile.

Talk to a Rizing Expert

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