In 2016, National Bank completed its implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Learning as part of a broader SuccessFactors suite rollout, resulting in a central hub for connecting training materials and courses to the employees that need them. National Bank also implemented Rizing HCM’s LMS Planner solution to augment SuccessFactors with automation and consolidation of training scheduling.  

National Bank’s objectives for implementing SuccessFactors Learning included aligning training processes for employees across the organization to best market practices, optimizing employee certification to allow managers to monitor the progress of their employees in real time, link learning paths to competencies profiles, optimize virtual training, and create cost reductions through greater efficiency,  

Rizing HCM assisted National Bank in building its broader HRIS transformation plan, which included employee training and development. SuccessFactors Learning provided the ideal platform.  

Creating Autonomous Employees 

The Learning implementation at National Bank was an excellent example of both rolling out and sustaining SuccessFactors modules at the same time. Learning was implemented in mini-sprints, adding features in batch modes over three iterations. Meanwhile, modules already in place—such as Employee Central and Talent Management—were being enhanced with new features. It was, and still is, a continuous evolution.   

As Rizing HCM works with National Bank to improve upon its SuccessFactors system, the bank’s own employees become more and more autonomous. Those with the right skillsets to help with implementation and sustainment are supported by Rizing HCM experts when needed, but ultimately the goal is for National Bank to continue evolving the solution with in-house expertise.  

This is an essential piece for any SuccessFactors project—the system integrator should be helping the customer to become as independent as possible. Partners like Rizing HCM are there to guide the customers through the technical parts of an implementation journey, but also transfer knowledge by educating along the way during the project and after go-live.   

Enter LMS Planner 

While Learning provided the base on which National Bank could operate its training and development programs, the bank still sought more automation of the scheduling process, and a centralized planning tool.  

That’s where Rizing HCM’s LMS Planner application came into play. LMS Planner was implemented simultaneously with Learning, and fully integrated to provide visibility into the training and development information within SuccessFactors. LMS Planner allows planners and schedulers at National Bank to manage learning for employees in a single tool, meaning standardization, eliminating manual processes, and optimizing the training management process overall. 

All the training calendar information is now in a single source of truth, easily accessible, with a standardized mode of scheduling, thanks to LMS Planner implemented alongside Learning. 

Key Benefits—Reduction of HR and IT cost  

With Learning as the organizational standard for training and development at National Bank, both HR and IT are finding cost benefits thanks to greater efficiency. On the HR side, access to training information is easier, and the data is known to be up-to-date and tied to an employee’s profile. As for IT, managing one system, rather than disparate systems means less time wrangling data and building integrations. Overall, the Learning system was taken from two different applications down to one. 

LMS Planner provides even further efficiencies by optimizing the bank’s ability to provide accurate training and visibility. Planners and schedulers in the training department benefit from that by saving time through a better scheduling system. 

The combination of SuccessFactors Learning and LMS Planner provides National Bank with the platform to reach its top objectives and HR transformation goals.