SAP® Sales Audit Redesign at a Big Box Retailer

First Step

A large big-box retail client wanted to kick off a financial systems transformation project with goals that included:

  • Replacing outdated systems
  • Simplifying processes
  • Fostering innovation
  • Building a foundation for future upgrades

The first step was to redesign the sales auditing process.

Project Scope

The project team limited the project scope to replacing an aging legacy system the client used to collect and post point of sale (POS) data into their general ledger. A subsequent inventory management project would enable posting of inventory data into SAP.

The team also defined an enterprise structure in a baseline SAP S/4HANA® financial general ledger. This supported a future roadmap that would include:

  • Posting of sales data
  • Implementing central finance
  • Enabling group reporting

The Solution

The Rizing team implemented SAP CAR for inbound sales audit processing. Key features include:


Master Data Setup and POS Integration


Sales Audit Functionality


Vault Integration


Credit Settlement File


Cash Over/Short Calculations


Automated Posting


Automated Adjustments


SFA – Financial Adjustments


SFA – Sales Adjustments


Operational Reporting


Sales Auditor Accountability


Sales Auditor Performance Reporting


Key Enhancements in S4 Posting


Integration with CFIN


And the project results?

Lots to be happy about.

The client now enjoys an efficient and thorough audit process. The new process allows the team to focus on what matters and provide over/short information for Store Operations and Asset Protection.

They also enjoy additional flexibility to react to changes outside of finance.

Additional Benefits

The client can also now:

  • Easily detect missing sales
  • Import detailed SKU-level transactions into SAP
  • Seamlessly integrate with S/4HANA, CAR and Fiori, leveraging SLT & AIF capabilities
  • Create custom reports & workflows via Fiori

Our SAP Solution Manages:


TLOG Extensions


Million Transactions Per Day


Million Line Items Per Day

“This big-box retail customer appreciated the partnership, commitment, and expertise that Rizing brought to the solution and overall engagement.”

Jovani Gonzales
Senior Consulting Director, Business Development
Rizing Consumer Industries 

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