Hire to retire cloud HCM.

Your people are your most important asset. Synchrony People, a Rizing Solution, provides an out-of-the-box HR solution enabling you to focus on cultivating a culture of success throughout your organization.

Synchrony People can be deployed in weeks, ensuring that you fast track your HR journey, and it’s based on the leading HR solution SAP® SuccessFactors®.

It is suitable for business of all sizes, from small business to large enterprises. The solution grows with you, providing flexibility to add functionality as your organization’s needs change.

Synchrony People Benefits

User experience and adoption

A clean and intuitive user interface creates a positive experience for your people and supports increased adoption.


Leverage leading practice configuration, automated workflows, and mobile functionality ready out-of-the-box.


Supports all roles throughout the organization from HR administrators to executives.

Accelerated time-to-value

Significantly reduce the timeline for implementation and realized value.

Meaningful analytics

Centralize employee data, retire disparate systems, and extract meaningful analytics that help drive business outcomes.


A solution that grows with your business and allows you to switch on the modules you need as your business is ready to adopt them.

Build a 360° View

Synchrony People enables you to attract the right talent, align that talent to your company’s goals, and reward your top performers. The solution provides end-to-end hire to retire lifecycle support through an amazing core HR platform, all with a user friendly approach.

Core HR

Synchrony People Core HR provides a central view of your employees with support for organizational data, personal data, time off and payroll data with full employee lifecycle process support. The solution aims to digitize and simplify your processes to improve operational efficiency and workforce insight, all whilst being legally compliant with all local requirements.

Performance & Goals

If your talent is not aligned to your desired outcomes, you risk not delivering the results required. A powerful Performance & Goals solution enables managers to align employee activities with organizational strategy and monitor the performance of achieving those goals. Synchrony People Performance & Goals provides an intuitive user experience in addition to innovative capabilities such as continuous performance management and mobile device readiness.

Talent Acquisition

Synchrony People Recruitment is an end-to-end recruiting solution that couples recruiting marketing (for attracting and engaging top talent), recruiting posting (for seamless posting to job boards) and recruiting management (for selecting and hiring the best candidates) to drive better business results. This unique combination creates a toolset that will make your recruiting function more strategic. Once that talent is identified, Synchrony People Onboarding will accelerate productivity of new starters and enable pre-start engagement.


Synchrony People Learning puts your employees at the centre of the learning experience, making them both teacher and student. Engaged employees will develop new skills, share ideas, and gain insights, making them more motivated and productive. Get formal, compliance-related training, informal self-directed and social learning, mobile learning, and extended enterprise training. Employees, managers, partners, vendors and even customers are all part of the learning process.

Succession & Development

Synchrony People Succession & Development helps HR professionals identify and develop the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve today’s business goals, while providing visibility and planning for future growth. Succession & Development increases employee engagement, fosters professional growth and development, and maximises career opportunities for top talent, making your company the employer of choice.


Synchrony People Compensation helps business leaders, compensation managers, and HR professionals dramatically improve budget accuracy and reduce risk by providing data to help managers determine who is truly high-performing and reward them appropriately. Base compensation includes merit based, promotion based, and inflation based adjustments, stocks and options, company and employee currency and senior management/executive editing.

Synchrony People deploys out-of-the-box at a global level

  • End-to-end H2R lifecycle support
  • Best practice swim lane processes for all modules
  • Data migration templates
  • Prebuilt reporting catalogue
  • Localized country-specific requirements including tax, pension and social insurance compliance
  • Flexibility for client-specific requirements

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