SAP SuccessFactors H1 2020 Onboarding Release Analysis

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The H1 2020 Onboarding release in SAP SuccessFactors is now available in preview. As a reminder, the SAP SuccessFactors release schedule has moved from quarterly to twice-yearly. While the updates and optimizations are less frequent, it does mean more tangible changes when releases arrive.   

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The preview release for H1 went live on April 10, with the production release now delayed to June 5 to give customers extra time during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Let’s look at the major enhancements for H1 2020 in SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 and 2.0. For this release, SAP SuccessFactors has launched a new tool to view release data – What’s New Tool.

You can read our detailed coverage of the release below, and also check out our LinkedIn Live broadcast where we went over the release highlights and answered questions from customers:

H1 2020 Onboarding 1.0 Updates

Compliance Updates – Universal updates in March 2020

Updated Federal Form W4 – adding Head of Household to Marital Status and providing a simplified withholding allowance calculation.

Multiple other compliance updates were made in March, including:

  • E-Verify Remote Employee Tentative Nonconfirmation Workflow is now contained within the ONB/E-Verify system. This process will no longer require a ticket to be submitted to SF/SAP.
  • 50 other compliance updates to federal and state forms (14 for Canada and 36 for the USA) listed by forms. Click here for a list of all 50 updates.

How to turn it on: These are universal as well as already delivered in March.

Search Picker Control in Panel Designer

A new property can be added to panels in Panel Designer – Search Picker. This option replaces a standard picklist where a large data list is present. The Search Picker allows typing within the field to populate a table with multiple values assigned to similar attributes.  This allows the user to select the correct entry from the resulting table to populate the Search Picker Field.

How to turn it on: Feature is Universal and requires no additional permissioning outside of Panel Admin Permission.

H1 2020 Onboarding 2.0 Updates

Integration of Onboarding (2.0) with an External Human Resources Information System

ONB 2.0 can now be connected to an external HRIS that manages employee data.  The stages of the onboarding process before the hiring stage remain the same when using an external HRIS, but, now you can export the list of new hires who are ready to be hired to the external system.  After changing the candidate status to “Hired” in the external system, you can update the status to Hired in ONB 2.0 by using the updateHiringInfo API.

How to turn it on:  Employee Central V2 must be enabled.   

Compliance Forms for Onboarding (2.0) – Form Presentation, Electronic Signature, and Data Protection and Privacy

Form Presentation:  Compliance forms are a critical part of the onboarding process. Compliance forms for the United Kingdom and Australia are now available in Onboarding 2.0. This includes a starter checklist for UK and Superannuation Standard choice form and Tax File Number Declaration form for Australia.

Electronic Signature:  Along with the presentation of these forms within the process, compliance form signatories can now use either DocuSign or e-Signature to sign documents once the data has been collected. This functionality still focused on the UK/Australia forms, lets you digitally sign and authenticate compliance forms.

Data Protection and Privacy: To meet your data protection and privacy requirements, Onboarding Compliance now supports Data Purge, Read Audit, Change Audit, and Information report for the compliance forms for the United Kingdom and Australia. Compliance in PDF format is included in the Master Data Purge.  Also, any compliance-related information captured as a part of Onboarding (2.0) can be purged while performing module purge for Process and User Data purge object type.

How to turn it on:  Customers must update the Business Process Engine process flow to fetch the new BPE definitions (including compliance details) for configuring Compliance 2.0. These forms are enabled/disabled through the Admin Center.

SAP SuccessFactors e-Signature Enhancements

SAP e-Signature solution has now been improved to be supported on mobile devices as well as supported on Internet Explorer. The e-Signed document now pints with the date as applicable in your respective time zone. These three enhancements increase usability as well as improving the user experience.

How to turn it on: These enhancements are universal and require no action to turn on.

Manual Initiation of Onboarding Process

There are several reasons to onboard new hires who do not come through the standard recruiting process. This enhancement allows for manual initiation of the onboarding process in Onboarding 2.0.

How to turn on: This is a universal enhancement, but it does require that you enable the Initiate Onboarding API Permission in Role-Based Permissions.

No-Show Triggered for the New Hire

If a new hire decides not to work for the company after being onboarded, or the company decides not to onboard a new hire, you can now cancel the onboarding process and trigger a No-Show in Employee Central. By canceling a new hire’s Onboarding from the new hire’s details page in ONB 2.0, the Onboarding process is canceled, and a No-Show is triggered. This can be accomplished after the Manage Pending Hire (MPH) step, prior to the job start date or within 30 days of the job start date.

How to turn it on:  To cancel the Onboarding process for a new hire, you must have Report No-Shows permission along with Cancel Onboarding permission in Role-Based Permissions. You must also configure the following for canceling the onboarding process:

  • Report No-Shows
  • Create SAP_ONB2_ProcessClosurePeriodConfig business rule and select the event reason that belongs to the No-Show event.

More to Come for the SAP SuccessFactors H1 2020 Releases

The H1 2020 Recruiting release is just a part of the latest SAP SuccessFactors update. Continue to follow Rizing HCM on LinkedIn for release analysis of more modules in the coming weeks. Customers should also follow the SAP SuccessFactors Community Page for the latest updates and roadmaps. 

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