Finding My Passion Through Wine to Water: Achieving Clean, Accessible Water for All

Finding My Passion Through Wine to Water: Achieving Clean, Accessible Water for All featured image
Audrey Parker, Rizing Project Manager

I first learned about Wine to Water (W|W) as an organization in 2017 at my first Annual Meeting with Rizing Consumer Industries. My colleagues and I listened to Doc Hendley, Founder of Wine to Water, and multiple other members of the Wine to Water team discuss the organization and its impact before diving into a filter build; a program hosted by W|W that creates a clean water filter out of easily obtained materials. Hearing Doc discuss the story of how W|W was founded, coupled with the hands-on experience of building filters for families in need, inspired my love for the organization and cause. I have become very passionate about the water crisis around the world and have spent the last few years striving to expand my knowledge of its impact, and I have W|W to thank for igniting this passion.

The lack of access to clean water is a tragedy that impacts the lives of far too many around the world. Access to clean water for drinking, cooking, and basic hygiene is an essential human right. My goal, since learning about and becoming involved with W|W, is to do as much as possible for people to gain access to the clean water they deserve. So far, we have done this by organizing filter builds within my organization, fundraising campaigns, and a recent community outreach event with the Consumer Industries Women in Technology group. Women and children are disproportionately impacted by the water crisis around the world, and being an advocate for them is what drives me to make an even bigger impact. The recent Power of Water: Women and Water event that I organized with my organization showcased how difficult obtaining clean water can be for women and children and where our energies can benefit their futures.

Building water filters was my first experience with W|W, an introduction that grew my respect for the work that Doc did and launched me squarely into my current involvement. I have done volunteer work in the past, but this stuck with me more than any of the other hands-on experiences in my past. Building the filters is a simple process with a big effect on the families that receive them. I was able to write notes to the families my filters would be gifted to, which made the experience more personal. Knowing these filters would provide clean water in someone’s home, allowing them to do the everyday tasks we so often take for granted, makes my heart swell. Imagine how many times you have woken up in the middle of the night because you were thirsty and could just walk to the sink for a drink of clean water. How many times have you been able to hop in the shower after a long day? Or wash your hands during the COVID-19 pandemic? Imagine not having the ability to do any of that and how different your life would be. Think about how many times you have not had to wonder where your water came from when you turned the faucet on or whether you would have clean water when you needed it.

These realizations contribute to why I am so passionate about this organization and the work being done to bring clean water to homes around the world. We have such a long way to go in achieving this goal. Still, every filter, every donation, every community outreach event, and every global outreach experience brings the world one step closer to being a truly better place. This is my “Why,” and for these reasons, I will continue to work with W|W to bring clean water to families, communities, hospitals, and schools. My introduction to Wine to Water was born from my employment with Rizing, and continuing to work with them professionally has been a blessing. However, gaining such a deep personal connection to this organization has been the most fulfilling part of this relationship thus far. I have been fortunate enough to be the conduit between Rizing Consumer Industries and Wine to Water. I look forward to expanding the partnership while personally remaining a social advocate.

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