Asset Management Consulting

Our maintenance, technicians, operations managers, and executives have decades of implementation experience. More importantly, we have decades of industry experience. This means that we understand industry best practices and business processes independent of EAM software. Not many EAM consultants can say that. We can review your current processes to explore potential areas for improvement, or help you lay the groundwork for an Asset Management implementation.

Asset Management Standards - ISO 55000

Look to the people who helped create the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards to help ensure you're following them.

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Business Process Development and Optimization

Need help optimizing your business processes, so you're following industry best practices and meeting key business requirements? We can help.

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Health Check

Identify maintenance problems before they become production problems with our Asset Management Health Check.

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Need help developing your business case so key stakeholders understand why you're asking them to invest in EAM services or software? We can help with our Roadmap offering.

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Value Realization

Are you looking to gain clarity into the ROI that can you realize in your asset management project?

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Talk to a Rizing expert

Whether you're just getting started or are well on your way with SAP solutions, we can help.

Join Rizing at the 2020 SAP EHS and Product Compliance Annual Conference, October 6th – 9th
by Asia Gelker published on Sep 21, 2020

Our team of EHS experts is excited to join SAP for the Annual SAP EHS & Product Compliance Conference, taking place virtually on October 6th-9th. Register today to reserve your…

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European Chemical Company Explores the Future with an SAP ASPM Proof of Concept
by Craig Powers published on Sep 02, 2020

Find out how one European chemical company ran an SAP ASPM (Asset Strategy Performance Management) proof of concept to help build its EAM roadmap.

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How to Govern Your Digital Twin

Do you serve your customers with the help of valuable enterprise assets such as rail tracks, gas pipelines, and pumps? Are your assets essential resources in generating value for you,…

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Integration Across Operating, Asset Management, and Geographical Systems

We’ve combined sensors from MOVUS, XMPRO’s digital platform, and our own expertise in SAP EAM to help deploy end-to-end Real-Time Condition Monitoring.

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