Integration Across Operating, Asset Management, and Geographical Systems

Integration Across Operating, Asset Management, and Geographical Systems featured image

Demo and Case Study

We’ve combined innovative sensors from MOVUS, with XMPRO’s proven digital platform and Rizing’s unparalleled expertise in SAP EAM, to help you deploy end-to-end Real-Time Condition Monitoring that shows value in 6-8 weeks.

How it works:

  • XMPRO’s Data Stream Designer lets you harvest data from your MOVUS sensors and other data sources, using a library of pre-built connectors
  • The data stream will then publish that data to a custom XMPRO App that gives your engineers visibility into the real-time health of your equipment
  • When data from the MOVUS sensor goes outside a certain threshold, XMPRO will trigger a recommendation to drive actions. The prescriptive recommendation will show your subject matter experts the real-time event data, as well as work instructions and helpful resources
  • Working with Rizing’s team of EAM experts, you can then automatically create a Work Notification in your SAP EAM system from within a recommendation in XMPRO; the notification with then follow the normal work management processes and pass the completed data between systems, closing the loop and ensuring that your real-time data translates into timely actions that drive ROI