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Connie Gurchiek

President, Rizing Geospatial

Our reliable geospatial services focus on delivering successful projects using the latest technologies, proven project methodologies, and innovative approaches. Our geospatial products enhance GIS and linear referencing system (LRS) implementations resulting in more stable and cost-effective enterprise solutions.

A Trusted Partner & Advisor

We are committed to our customers' success by advocating what's best for their business. Our ultimate goal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Geospatial Experts

Our reliable geospatial services focus on delivering successful projects using the latest technologies, proven methodologies, and innovative solutions. Our commercial off-the-shelf products help jump-start transportation projects resulting in more stable and cost-effective implementations.

The Most Experienced Geospatial Consultants

Other partners may have more consultants, but no one has more professionally experienced people than we do.

Custom Application Development

Rizing has created several of the most notable geospatial enablement tools in the industry. Whether it's basic business intelligence tools or geospatial web portals, we can help you determine the correct data presentation solution and then integrate the latest technologies best suited to your needs.

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