Wholesale Retailer Builds Corporate Intranet with SAP Jam

When one of the world’s largest wholesale retailers needed to update its corporate intranet, it chose SAP Jam to provide that functionality. Jam’s prebuilt integrations and user interface have helped the retailer improve the way its employees share information with one another.

“The perception in some customers is that [SAP Jam] is only used really for collaboration and for onboarding and learning,” says Matthew Davies, VP of strategic industries for Rizing HCM, who spoke on this customer use case with SAP SuccessFactors.

However, this large retailer showed with the support of Rizing HCM that Jam’s collaborative nature lends itself perfectly to being a corporate intranet.

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Challenge Addressed with SAP Jam

One specific challenge that the retailer found with its legacy intranet solution was uploading and updating content. The publishers found the process to be long and manual, stretched across multiple systems. This made it difficult to share regulatory updates, which can be frequent, with employees.

That’s where Jam came helped, and the retailer deployed 16 different sites across 20 different knowledge assets, including documents, PowerPoints and more. This was originally done for the company’s North American population.

The fluidity of the user interface has driven adoption, and employee engagement has been amazing since Jam’s launch, according to Davies. Document upload and updating is now done through a single tool, enabled by many important integrations—including Microsoft Office, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP ERP solutions, Google, and more.

Now, updating regulatory policies can done through a variety of data sources while still staying within Jam.

Learn More About SAP Jam for Corporate Intranet

To hear more about this use case and how Jam can be used for corporate intranet, contact Rizing HCM. Also, check out the video with Davies and SAP SuccessFactors:

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Posted by SAP SuccessFactors on Wednesday, June 20, 2018