SAP SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Release Highlights Seek to Enhance HR Efficiency

The preview release of the SAP® SuccessFactors® Q4 2018 update is less than a week away—becoming available on November 3, with the production release arriving on December 1. The fourth and last release of 2018 seeks to bring enhancements to the user experience by giving users more power within the system.

Employee Central “Assign to Me”

There may be a case where two SuccessFactors users are assigned to process the same workflow. In the past, if one person had begun processing a workflow, the system would not show that—so another person could also begin processing that same workflow. To avoid that, each assignee would have to manually check with the other to avoid redundancies.

To address that problem, SuccessFactors is adding the “Assign to Me” feature in Employee Central. What this does is allow someone who has begun processing a workflow to select “Assign to Me,” which creates an automatic message that others will see at the top of the workflow details page next to a lock icon that shows who is assigned to the workflow. That’s a more efficient process for everyone.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Assign to Me

Upon finishing the job, the message can be removed by selecting the “Remove Assignment” feature. This should limit accidental repeated work by multiple assignees, and the need to manually verify if someone is currently processing workflows.

Managing Employee Central Alerts and Notifications

Currently, if a SuccessFactors customer creates an alert or notification in Employee Central based on a rule that later becomes obsolete, there is no easy process for removing that alert or notification later. The user would have to open a ticket with the Workflow Engineering team to have the alerts and notifications that are no longer needed removed.

Employee Central Alerts and Notifications

With the Q4 2018 Employee Central update, customers will now be able to manage all alerts and notifications that have yet to be sent via the admin center, meaning they will be able to delete those on their own without having to open up a ticket. That’s a faster, better, and happier process for the end user.

Aligning the Android and iOS Learning Experiences

SuccessFactors announced a new Android mobile app earlier in 2018, and with this release it is improving some of the mobile Learning capabilities on Android to match what is available to iOS users.

For example, Android users will now have access to an offline mode for Learning (iOS users could already do this), meaning they can download online content and complete coursework without a network connection. That sounds especially appealing for employees that find themselves on planes often or working in remote locations.

Android users will now also have the ability to view learning programs on the mobile app and complete items within a program including Online Courses, HTML, text, and URL. They can also search and find programs in the course catalog to assign to themselves. There will also be improved mobile content rendering to support a broader range of learning content, including those that use iFrames and multiple tabs.

These Android enhancements will allow more employees to access Learning content on their mobile devices, meeting them where they are when it comes to completing necessary trainings and improving themselves at work.

Creating a Better User Experience Overall

These are just a few of the many enhancements that will be coming to the SuccessFactors suite in Q4 2018. There are even more that seek to improve the end-user experience, and create an environment for adoption and HR enablement at your organization.

For a complete list of the latest updates, customers can log-in to view the release information and sign up for release update webcasts on the SuccessFactors Community Product Updates page.

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