What You Want to See at SuccessConnect 2019 in Las Vegas

What You Want to See at SuccessConnect 2019 in Las Vegas featured image

SuccessConnect Las Vegas, the largest gathering of SAP SuccessFactors customers and partners, is less than 2 weeks away. To get prepared for the event, we asked customers and partners what they’d like to see from SAP SuccessFactors onstage and in announcements.

What’s most important to see on the keynote stage? 

Among everyone we asked, the most important thing to see on the SuccessConnect keynote stage was Human Resources Best Practices followed by New Product Innovations. The importance of “customer success stories” typically fell in the middle, while “Inspirational Speakers” and “Partnership Announcements” varied quite a bit based on who we were asking.

What Customers Said

When asked to rank what was most important to see on the SuccessConnect keynote stage—where SAP SuccessFactors typically highlights its most valued topics—customers most often listed “Human Resources Best Practices” at or near the top of their list.

The next most important was “New Product Innovations”, with “Partnership Announcements” being the least important. In between, “Inspirational Speakers” and “Customer Success Stories” were somewhat important for some respondents, and least important to others.

What Partners Said

Partners ranked Inspiration Speakers highest overall, and they were also keener on—you guessed it—Partnership Announcements. Tied for second with Partnership Announcements was Human Resource Best Practices. Next was Customer Success Stories, and New Product Innovations was viewed as least important.

Which announcements do you want to see at SuccessConnect? 

Overall, and unsurprisingly, Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll were the most desired when it came to announcements. Talent Acquisition and LMS/Jam were also cited often, along with SAP Cloud Platform and Qualtrics/Experience Management.

We can also examine where responses differ between customers and partners.

What Customers Said

We asked customers which new features or upgrades they’d like to hear announcements about at SuccessConnect, and Talent Acquisition along with LMS/Jam were most frequently cited.

Other products or innovations customers would like to hear about are SAP Cloud Platform, Qualtrics/Experience Management, Talent Core, Employee Central Core and Payroll, and Technical Integrations (one respondent specifically asked about LiveHire integration).

One customer expanded, asking about the case for Employee Central as well as Qualtrics integration.:

“There are customers that have implemented the talent modules but have not implemented Employee Central, it would be great to see why customers should now consider Employee Central core HR. Also, many of us are interested in the employee experience and how Qualtrics is taking the platform to the next level.”

What Partners Said

The major product announcements partners would like to see were around the Employee Central core stack and Employee Central Payroll. The other product of note was Experience Management and Qualtrics.

Come See Us at SuccessConnect

Come by and see Rizing HCM at Booth P1 on the SuccessConnect floor to discuss all the latest and greatest announced at the event. You can also maximize your time at the event by setting up your meeting with us ahead of time at this link. Finally, check out our Ultimate Guide to SuccessConnect to ensure you don’t miss any of the best keynotes, sessions, networking opportunities, and parties.