Case Study

Arkansas DOT Streamlines Data Collection and Reporting with Rizing’s Segment Analyzer

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) ARDOT’s mission is to “provide safe and efficient transportation solutions to support Arkansas’ economy and enhance the quality of life for generations to come.”

Employing approximately 3700 people, the department is responsible for the maintenance and management of the over 16,000-mile (26,000 km) Arkansas Highway System. The department headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Rizing Geospatial specializes in transportation business and data processes, data integration and reporting, linear referencing system (LRS) design and implementation, and spatial data design and visualization.

The Project

ARDOT has access to multiple data sources and databases across the entire state. Their GIS department wanted to:

  • Combine multiple data sources for complex analyses
  • Create crash reports from the sheriff’s office
  • Create detailed road inventories
  • Integrate All Road Network of Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD) data
  • Meet departmental and federal requirements

The agency found it difficult to create the reports or analysis they needed to make business decisions because the data was spread across unrelated databases.

Why Rizing

ARDOT came to Rizing because we had solved this problem for many of their peer DOTs. Our reputation for quick, on-budget DOT implementations made us the clear choice for products, application integrations, and services.

Our Solution

Rizing’s expert GIS consultants installed and configured our Segment Analyzer and Job Execution Manager products.

Segment Analyzer combines road characteristic data stored in normalized relational tables into segmented tables. Analysts can then use the tables and centerline geometry for additional reports and data validations or as input into operational systems. Analysts can also download output from Segment Analyzer in various formats.

Job Execution Manager (JEM) lets users schedule, manage, and execute jobs using workflows and chained actions. It features  a flexible queuing engine able to work with multiple applications. JEM also has a drag and drop job builder to define actions, send email notifications, and coordinate follow up work when jobs are completed.

JEM provides ARDOT the ability to build Segment Analyzer templates that can be kicked off automatically whenever they are required.

With the Rizing tools in place, our team provided customized training and support to the ARDOT staff.


Rizing assisted ARDOT in configuring seven templates including crash and road data for the Sherrif’s department, a more complete master data inventory, and the conditions of road intersections.

ARDOT will also use Rizing’s solutions to help them meet HPMS requirements.

Rizing’s history and experience with similar projects enabled our consultants to complete the project on budget and without issue.

Project Testimonials

“Working with the ARDOT team was a real joy, they came to every project meeting prepared and eager to learn. It speaks to the strength of their team that they immediately began using the tools, before we had even completed training. They were always ready to see how far they could push our tools and used Rizing’s expertise to extend their capabilities.”
– Craig Massey, Rizing Geospatial Professional Services Manager

“Segment Analyzer combines all our disparate server data into one centralized playground based on our linear referencing system. It’s quick, intuitive, and provides a reliable way to combine and analyze data from different tables, which was normally difficult to do.”
– Joseph Jordan- ARDOT Advanced Geospatial Specialist

“ARDOT was great to work with. Their willingness to dive right into Segment Analyzer and push it to its limits helped us discuss more complex analysis we could accomplish with SA early in the project. I’m anxious to see what else ARDOT pushes SA to do and how they use Job Execution Manager.”
– Andréa Compton, Rizing Geospatial Professional Services Manager

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