How Brooks Brothers Built Its Omnichannel World of Fashion Using SAP CAR
Case Study

How Brooks Brothers Built Its Omnichannel World of Fashion Using SAP CAR

The Brooks Brothers fashion brand is over 200 years old. The iconic company is zealous about staying relevant and exciting in a rapidly changing industry. One way the company does that is by using technology to get closer to its customers than ever before.

The Brooks Brothers’ vision was a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling the brand to respond to customers quickly and with a highly personalized approach.

“If you’re our best customer in Tokyo and you come to our store on Madison Avenue,” says Sahal Laher, former CIO of Brooks Brothers, “We need to know who you are.”


Access an omnichannel view of the customer, including their feedback, purchase history, preferences, and interactions with the brand.

Revamp in-store customer experiences

Eliminate data silos and provide real-time access to consumer data.


Respond to customers in real-time in a personalized way.

Brooks Brothers Challenges


  • Navigating digital-first consumer habits: difficulty adapting to the rapidly changing ways consumers interact with the brand, including shopping in stores and online using digital devices.
  • Delivering seamless customer experiences: connecting isolated functions to create a single customer conversation and provide a 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Gaining omnichannel visibility: empower store associates with omnichannel customer visibility to improve customer experiences.

Solution Highlights

  • Brooks Brothers and Rizing implemented SAP CRM with Customer Interaction Center and used SAP Customer Activity as the master database.
  • The solution can process large volumes of data from multiple customer touchpoints, including in-store, phone orders, and e-commerce. Coupled with SAP CRM, this provides an accurate omnichannel view of their customers to Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers Solution Highlights


Using capabilities provided by SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR), Brooks Brothers is reinventing its marketing, customer service, and store operations with:

Integration to the 3rd party Applications

Unified Customer View

View of customer information includes feedback, purchase history, and preferences gathered from the web, phone, retail stores, and factory outlets.

Real Time Visibility


Omni-channel, instant view of customer transactions in any channel allows staff to resolve any issues.

Record Consolidation

Record Consolidation

The solution creates customer master records by combining data from multiple retail systems.

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