Case Study: SAP® Enhancements at a Grocery Chain

What the Client Needed

This grocery store client engaged with Rizing to simplify or automate internal processes, ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements, and reduce the use of non-SAP desktop applications for data processing and analytics.

Why choose Rizing Application Management Services?

  • We have extensive retail knowledge and are experts with SAP solutions
  • We have an established methodology and the structure to support application management and solution development

What We Did:

  • Provided day-to-day support for SAP solutions,  addressing any issues or defects identified
  • Improved business process with enhancements to current SAP solutions
  • Upgraded the SAP version to support roadmap and functionality requirements
  • Migrated SAP ECC from EHP3 to EHP8
  • Updated SAP Process Integration from PI 7.1 to 7.5
  • Reduced data volumes in the system via data management and archiving to improve system performance and responsiveness

How the Client Benefitted:

  • Saved time and money by reducing manual processes and steps to support store operations, purchasing and finance functions
  • Saved additional time and money spent maintaining SAP applications and solutions
  • Supported their investment in SAP solutions and increased incremental value
  • Increased system up time and performance
  • Reduced support tickets by 30% per year
“We’ve engaged with this client for a long time because we understand their specific business and have years of experience with SAP. This combination means that we find new ways for them to be more efficient with and get the most value from SAP.”

Wes Lowe
Senior Consulting Director, Rizing Professional Services

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