Digitizing the Quality Control Process with Rizing’s Q² Fashion Quality Management Solution ™
Case Study

Arkansas DOT Streamlines Data Collection and Reporting with Rizing’s Segment Analyzer

MAS Direct is a $50M trading office in Sri Lanka, working with over a dozen brands and contracting 15+ vendors in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The company received poor results from its traditional, manual quality control processes. They required a digital quality management system capable of high-quality, standardized results in all its factories.

MAS Key Challenges


  • Manual Processes: The lack of the right tools for Quality Controllers (QCs) to perform audits under tight deadlines caused many human errors.
  • Time-consuming report generation: QC’s recorded audits manually and offline. Report generation took 2-3 days (or more) to complete.
  • Meeting consumer demands: The customer and the factory requested faster audits to keep up with scheduled shipments.
  • Limited oversight: The senior management couldn’t access quality-related vendor matrices or quality inspector performance data.

Solution Highlights

  • Eliminated manual document and record keeping. Optimized the process, including defect capturing, ticket management, and reporting.
  • We built a web application on SAP Fiori for quality managers to view POs ready for inspection and assign tickets to QC inspectors.
  • We built a native iPad app for quality inspectors that works online and offline. Inspectors can view tickets assigned to them and start the QC process. They can record defects with the camera, capture measurement values from written text, and use speech-to-text recognition.

MAS Solution Highlights


Rizing’s Master Data Accelerator

Instant Report

A process that used to be slow is now automated and generated at the click of a button.

Issue Identification


Digitized the entire quality auditing process to maintain a single record of all data for review and revisions


Improved productivity of quality inspectors by eliminating manual, cumbersome paper and spreadsheet-based methods

Robust Platform for Growth


Provided management with intelligence on vendor quality-related performance data and quality inspector capabilities.


Enhanced brand reputation and competitiveness by standardizing manufacturing processes with faster issue prevention and resolution.

Reduce Costs


Helped reduce the risks of cancellations, chargebacks, and returns by improving transparency into product quality.

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