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The internet is rife with hype about rapid business growth. Some of the hype is based on fact. ChatGPT set a growth record after launching, building an estimated 100 million monthly users in its first two months.

Awesome, right?

Not always.

Fast growth isn’t always healthy – for plants, humans, or businesses. According to Forbes Magazine, the top growth challenges for businesses include:

  • Organizing your team and infrastructure
  • Maintaining clear communication
  • Managing cash flow
  • Finding and keeping top talent

That last one is the lesson the internet business growth hypemasters often miss.

And it’s the core reason Nexus chose to implement Rizing People, powered by SAP SuccessFactors.


Who is Nexon?

Headquartered in Summer Hill, NSW, Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) is a digital consulting and managed services partner for mid-market and government organizations in Australia.

Employing approximately 500 people, Nexon offers a broad suite of security, cloud, and digital solutions to its clients in various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, higher education, and not-for-profits.


“We had an HR platform that was useful for us in the past, but as our structure and processes mature to support our growth, we needed an HR system that could support that growth.”

– Francesca Calandra, Chief People Officer at Nexon Asia Pacific



Nexon’s could be one of those social media growth headlines. Their employee count grew 5x over four years. That growth revealed deficiencies in their existing HR technology stack. The solution they were using primarily functioned as a basic employee record repository. It suffered from:

Insufficient functionality

Their existing HR system lacked the flexibility and functionality to support modern HR practices.

Disconnected systems

Nexon’s HR data was scattered across multiple systems, making it difficult to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Limited career opportunities

Employees were limited in career development options due to a lack of clarity and transparency.


“We used a listening strategy to understand our employee value proposition and find out what our employees actually want.”

Francesca Calandra, Nexon



Nexon chose to follow the strategy of other high-growth midmarket companies: create a strong centralized core to fuel rapid growth.

A new core HR system needed to help Nexon:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Drive employee performance and engagement
  • Build a more inclusive company by aligning diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives
  • Redefine company culture to move forward as OneNexon
  • Facilitate growth and development as a business and for their people
  • Create a better, more efficient, and centralized experience for employees
  • Foster employee engagement through the continuous introduction of new programs


“There are heaps of solutions for companies with 100 employees, but once you are into the mid-market, I really only found SAP.”

Francesca Calandra, Nexon


Why Rizing People?

Nexon evaluated various HR solutions and identified Rizing People, powered by SAP SuccessFactors as the most suitable option for its mid-sized organization. The company found that the integration capabilities and customization options were crucial factors supporting its growth strategy.


“When I asked questions, everything was really open and honest. I loved that mentality and that there was honesty right through the process.”

Francesca Calandra, Nexon


Why Rizing?

Nexon selected Rizing as their implementation partner due to our:

  • Honesty and transparency throughout the sales and implementation process
  • Flexibility and willingness to work with Nexon’s specific needs
  • Dedication and expertise


“We started with customer service as our pilot team, but then that got wind to the sales team, and then that got wind to the finance team, and now 70% of our workforce are now on the pilot team.”

Francesca Calandra, Nexon


Implementation Approach

Nexon implemented Rizing People, powered by SAP SuccessFactors in two phases.

The first phase is live already and focuses on performance management and career development. The second phase is slated to roll out early next year and focuses on payroll and employee central.

Nexon’s proactive approach includes having a dedicated in-house project manager to ensure a smooth and on-time delivery.


“We optimized our delivery methodology for Nexon’s budget and timeline. Phase one was a success, so Nexon is trusting us to continue with Phase Two.”

Eugene Ong, Rizing Project Manager


“Our listening strategy revealed many of our employees had joined Nexon for career opportunities. With the new solution in place, I’ve communicated directly that they can now own their career path – with our support.”

Francesca Calandra, Nexon


Communication and Change Management

Nexon’s “Thyme to Grow Your Career at Nexon” campaign made the launch of Rizing People, powered by SAP SuccessFactors a fun and engaging experience for employees, fostering a sense of ownership in their career development.

Nexon also offered change management workshops for both employees and managers.


“I looked at how many promotions we had last financial year and have set a goal to increase those internally.”

Francesca Calandra, Nexon



While Nexon is still finessing its Key Performance Indicators, the company does intend to:

Reduce Attrition Rate

Using Rizing People, powered by SuccessFactors, Nexon plans to enhance employee engagement, improve satisfaction, and offer defined career paths to reduce attrition rates.

Increase System Adoption

Nexon wants to increase the use of the new modules. They also want to increase employee engagement and productivity for an empowered and thriving organization.


“I appreciated working with Nexon because they had key decision makers involved from the start, had a dedicated project manager, knew what they wanted, and made decisions quickly. But they were also open to suggestions and adapting their processes to what works best in the new solution.”

-Eugene Ong, Rizing Project Manager.


Next Steps

Nexon plans to round out its Rizing People, powered by SuccessFactors installation with additional modules:

  • Employee Central
  • Employee Central Payroll
  • Onboarding

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