Nice Apparel Group Transforms Its Business with SAP S/4HANA® Fashion Manufacturing

Nice Apparel Group is a leading sportswear manufacturer for major label brands. They are headquartered in Thailand with trading offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. They have manufacturing facilities across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The company is growing rapidly and needed to unify information across its operations and improve its capability to respond to customer requirements in real-time. To achieve this, the company chose SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business for Manufacturing as way to unify processes across operations and geographies.

Project Highlights:

  • attune Fashion Suite™: The company used attune Fashion Suite – a preconfigured solution on S/4HANA Fashion to accelerate the implementation
  • Project Approach: Global blueprint was designed with phased roll out; phase 1 implementation included Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand and subsequent roll outs included Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Global Knowledge + Local Expertise: Rizing partnered with local system integrator for the implementation

The Business Case for SAP S/4HANA Fashion – Manufacturing

Rapid Growth

To support rapid growth and respond to disruption in the marketplace, the company required a single platform to connect the whole value chain. The objective was to seamlessly transmit data across internal departments and entities and eliminate data duplication.

Best Practices

To face the current market realities, the company needed a platform that provided industry best practices across the organization. SAP S/4HANA provided a digital core with the ability to extend and expand as business requirements evolve.

End-to-End Integration

The legacy system made it difficult to respond to customer requirements in real-time. With S/4HANA, the company will be able to enhance efficiency, complete visibility of processes, and improve responsiveness to customers.

Operational Excellence

The company needed to deploy automation tools where applicable for key business areas resulting in optimization of resources.

The Result

  • A proven platform that will support Nice Apparel Group’s long term growth strategy
  • All manufacturing and trading locations on a single platform helps bring visibility and a single version of truth
  • 40% of Delivery, Shipment and Invoicing transactions are processed through Electronic Data
  • Integrated solution that enables requirements calculation and procurement derived from net requirements
  • Improved order fulfillment on time facilitated via fully integrated solution that acts as a single version of truth across the enterprise
  • 50% reduction in customer response time from order receipt to confirmation
  • Platform for efficient replication, extension/rollout of new businesses within shortest possible time
  • Improved decision making via alerts and system triggers
  • Increase of a merchandiser’s ability to handle Customer Orders
  • Improvement in efficiency of system users role to utilize time to attend to business critical activities