Case Study

Ornua Improves Employee Satisfaction and Retention Using SAP SuccessFactors

Ornua LogoLike most things, it starts with the basics.

Lots of rain. The rain keeps the grass green. The green grass keeps the cows fed. And the well-fed cows produce milk. The grass-fed milk produces a rich yellow butter. Butter that tastes different from other butters.

“We’d say it’s like the difference between chalk and cheese.” – Pat O’Keeffe, deputy editor of Irish Farmers Journal, via NPR.

Ornua, the company behind that rich yellow butter, has a mission to share “the great taste of Irish grass-fed dairy with the world.” Fulfilling that mission takes employees. Keeping those employees satisfied and engaged takes behind-the-milkhouse work, where Rizing’s experience proved valuable.

At a Glance

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Challenges & Scope

  • Optimizing and redesigning their existing Performance and Goals solution
  • Maintaining a solid data foundation in a period of high growth for employee satisfaction and talent retention
  • Data cleansing and sustainable data maintenance
  • Prioritization of performance culture in their overall talent management strategy
People Analysis


  • Ornua chose Rizing for our deep expertise, SAP specialization, and strong understanding of their needs and knowledge of their existing HRIS landscape
  • Rizing and Ornua completed the work on time and within budget
  • Improved solution architecture increased benefits from the solution and created a better employee experience to drive talent development and retention
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  • Performance and Goal setting activities were made more efficient and mature with an uplift in user adoption and processes aligned to the organization’s scalability, fulfilling the optimization objectives
  • Built a strong foundation for future roadmap IAS/People Stories, AD Integration, and Compensation

Project Detail

Rizing project team works to develop objectives for client project.

Scope & Objectives

Ornua wanted to optimize its Performance and Goals solution. They engaged with Rizing, an SAP SuccessFactors® specialist, to redesign their solution.

Workers looking after cows in a Dairy


Maintaining a solid data foundation during a period of rapid growth was Ornua’s biggest challenge. They needed to measure employee performance, build goal-setting plans, and ensure employee satisfaction and talent retention.

Additionally, they required a sustainable infrastructure for maintaining clean data in the future. Ornua prioritized performance culture in its talent management strategy by re-engineering the processes.

Rizing consultant on a call with a client.

Why Rizing?

Ornua chose us due to our deep industry expertise, professional certifications, and SAP specialization. We demonstrated a strong understanding of Ornua’s needs and their existing HRIS landscape.


Rizing and Ornua completed the project within the designated timeframe and budget. The project team showcased a thorough understanding of the scope and existing landscape. Healthy communication throughout the duration of the work was essential to the project’s success.

The improved solution architecture enabled management and employees to benefit from the system, resulting in an enhanced employee experience that drove talent development and retention.


The optimization and redesign efforts led to more efficient and mature Performance and Goal setting activities. There was an uplift in user adoption, and processes were aligned to the organization’s scalability, fulfilling the optimization objectives.

The project built a strong foundation for future enhancements, including IAS/People Stories, AD Integration, and Compensation.

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