Consumer Industries Program Management

To ensure projects travel a smooth path from inception to solution support, teams need a proven implementation methodology. Rizing has pioneered a hybrid methodology that harnesses elements of both Waterfall and Agile approaches to project delivery. Our project management methodology identifies and addresses typical project pain points, eliminates unnecessary activities, and drives success.

Our knowledgeable consultants are armed not only with the tools, templates, and experience to make an immediate positive impact but also with an intricate understanding of change management that allows your teams to adapt and succeed. As guides for our clients, we help jump-start planning and foster collaboration to deliver a successful solution together.

Our methodology and collaborative approach allow us to create and deliver a solution that:

  • Can be adapted to the specific needs of a client
  • Is adapted from the SAP Activate methodology
  • Identifies key decisions made by a small group early in the process that will have the most significant impact
  • Maximizes the use of SAP solution capabilities
  • Communicates plans, evaluates progress, addresses issues, and removes roadblocks to ensure good governance

Rizing project managers are SAP experts who understand the methodology and technology, allowing them to maximize your project benefits and deliver results.

Our library of best-in-class accelerators rapidly delivers results so your teams are more efficient.

Our SAP/retail-specific experience provides a deep well of lessons learned that add value to our new and existing clients.

Application Management Support

Get access to the world’s best consumer industries architects and support staff for the market’s best value. Our application management services (AMS) provide customers with dedicated experts in almost every SAP application, center of excellence, and offshore delivery capabilities that will support most IT managers’ budgets.

With both fixed and variable pricing options available, we can provide 24 /7 support and ensure your SAP environment runs at peak efficiency and is consistent with your company’s capability goal.


  • Lower IT operating expense
  • Enable fast improvement for current state issues
  • Align to common SAP practice processes
  • Drive incremental value for every dollar invested
  • Provide timely support for business issues

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