LifeCycle Pricing

Set the right price every time.

Rizing’s LifeCycle Pricing helps merchants make efficient, informed pricing decisions with an entire suite of retail pricing processes in one easy-to-reference location. LCP integrates into your SAP environment and reads SAP master data, TLOG, price, cost, competitor, inventory, and order data. It then presents the information in a consolidated and simple interface. Merchants can review important data, set pricing plans, execute price changes, and estimate the impact on business performance.

Price Rules Management

A comprehensive set of price rules that can automate price proposals for merchants consistent with any price strategy or tactic.

Competitive Shopping

Set competitor strategies, capture competitor information, create automated competitive pricing proposals, and execute merchant pricing decisions.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive data discovery and reporting helps planners make more informed business decisions and measure the impact on sales, margin, and pricing.


  • Sales and margin-enhancing information – Brings customer, vendor, competitor, sales, order, inventory, product, and location data into one simple software system that fully integrates with the retail price planning and execution processes
  • Low total cost of ownership – Rizing-hosted tool integrates into your existing SAP environment with no or low change required
  • Efficient, user-friendly tool – Simple, web-based user interface supports the entire suite of retail pricing processes in one tool with minimal clicks
  • Fast speed-to-value – Merchants can use the tool to get LCP insights

Aligned with SAP

  • Seamless user experience with Fiori look and feel
  • Integrated contextual help using SAP Enable Now
  • Built on the SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Uses SAP Cloud Foundry Technology

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