Consumer Industries

Steve Hatcher

President, Consumer Industries

We are industry and SAP software experts who provide functional and technical consulting services for Retail, Fashion, Wholesale Distribution and Consumer Products (CPG) companies. We use our deep product knowledge, industry best practices and extensive quality assurance to deliver successful outcomes on projects of all sizes in more than 30 countries.

Our merchandisers, operators, innovators and marketers have been in your shoes. We are not just technologists. We are business experts and advocates for our clients offering the perfect blend of industry and technology expertise.

What makes our Consumer Industries business unique?

Focused on SAP Consumer Industries

Rizing experts don’t just know SAP Consumer Industries software. We know Retail, Fashion, Consumer Products and Wholesale Distribution. We have first hand experience working in the industries you work in.

  • 100% SAP focused
  • Consumer Industries focused
  • SAP software leveraged to solve key business problems

Customer Success is Our Success

We believe that customer success is our success. Dedication to excellence and innovation are at the core of our practice because we are advocates and trusted advisors to our clients. That’s why our customers are willing to speak to the work that Rizing has done, successfully, for each project.

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