Accelerate SAP EAM with our SAP S/4HANA EAM solution in a box.

Rizing EAM Codex is a fast, flexible, preconfigured, industry-specific SAP S/4HANA® EAM solution that enables accelerated time-to-value for existing or new customers.

Codex accelerates solution design and build by visualizing a comprehensive EAM system. Using Rizing’s experience and expertise, Codex validates needs and delivers pre-built enhancements. The Codex Reference System is preconfigured for SAP’s S/4HANA EAM reference system, creating a comprehensive line of business applications.

SAP S/4HANA Configured Environment

A comprehensive environment including preconfigured SAP S/4HANA EAM and SAP line of business applications

EAM implementation accelerators

Packaged business content shortening implementation lifecycle with focused EAM accelerators

Rizing EAM product extensions

Included as standard, Rizing products are built to complement and enhance the SAP EAM solution

Streamline your businesses and build a comprehensive, S/4HANA- configured environment.

Harness EAM Implementation Accelerators that include packaged business content to shorten the implementation lifecycle.

Utilize included Rizing EAM product extensions that enhance the SAP EAM solution.

The Codex Reference System

Codex accelerates time to solution design and build by visualizing a comprehensive EAM system to validate needs and by delivering pre-built enhancements based on Rizing’s extensive expertise. The Codex Reference System is a preconfigured SAP S/4HANA EAM reference system enabling accelerated time to value for existing or new customers.

Accelerate SAP S/4HANA migrations

  • Industry taxonomy based on best practices
  • End-to-end business processes
  • Preconfigured SAP S/4HANA platform
  • 10+ preconfigured SAP applications
  • Rizing enhancements and products

The CodeX Customer Journey

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