Enterprise Information Management

Make timely, informed decisions with accessible, unified, and well-defined reporting and analytics.

Data starts and ends with people and technology forms the backbone of Enterprise Information Management (EIM). That is why all our SAP S/4HANA® clients begin their Rizing engagements with assessments of their data, data team, key stakeholders, and knowledge workers. Through this process, clients understand their data scalability and capabilities, identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, and build an action plan to prepare their data for an SAP S/4HANA implementation.

A data-first strategy jumpstarts a successful SAP S/4HANA implementation and significantly improves project timelines.

EIM helps you build a tailored, data-first strategy that streamlines project cost and lays the foundation for a simplified, efficient end-state solution.

Rizing supports implementation of SAP’s suite of EIM products and provides advisory services around business case development, strategy, business process optimization, organizational design, and organizational change management. We can offer these services holistically for end-to-end EIM or for specific capabilities, including: master data management, content management, data governance and stewardship, information lifecycle management, data architecture, metadata management, data provisioning and preparation, data cleansing, conversion and migration, and data analytics.



 Establish a defined Information Lifecycle Management process to create, maintain, and archive data, which significantly improves the cost of managing data as a corporate asset


Capture information about your organization’s data and consolidate it into a unified document for company-wide use


Build trusted data for your organization with solid workflow management, data governance procedures, and a data management audit process


 Manage data policies, rules, and standards for a smooth SAP S/4HANA implementation


 Deliver actionable intelligence to business leaders across your organization


 Make timely, informed decisions with accessible, unified, and well-defined reporting and analytics


Reduce regulatory compliance risk and save time and money with simplified data models and system architecture, two hallmark EIM best practices


 Harness complete, accurate, and accessible data EIM programs to develop better analytics, enable informed decision making, and engender stronger business outcomes

Rizing is the ideal team to guide you through your SAP S/4HANA transformation. Our close relationship with SAP provides us insight into best practices and current and future functionality.

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