Get the Basics Right and Explore the Future

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On-Demand Webinar

Do you recognize any or more of the following statements regarding to your SAP EAM solution?

  • Bad defined or implemented processes
  • Unclarity of roles and responsibilities of different actors in a process
  • People not sufficiently trained in the efficient execution of the process and/or use of the system
  • Very difficult to get the right information out of the system
  • Reports out of the system do not help in getting the right insights on day to day performance
  • Bad data quality and therefore bad information and lack of trust in the system
  • Low acceptance of the system due to complex user experience

Within Rizing Enterprise Asset Management, we often experience these situations with our customers. All of these aspects limit companies to maximize their asset performance at an optimal cost and maximize the value out of their existing SAP EAM investment. It also hinders these companies to grow into the next phase towards Intelligent Asset Management.

This webinar explores how to improve your business associated with People, Processes and Assets.