OmniSpatial is Rizing’s browser-based field and office data collection and integration product. OmniSpatial provides easy to use GPS-enabled data collection that integrates with existing Esri map and feature services, including Roads and Highways and Pipeline Referencing Extension linear referencing services.

OmniSpatial’s extendible architecture provides access to many raster, tile and web services and file based (GeoJSON, Esri Shapefile, Excel, CSV, etc.) geospatial data. Its unique architecture allows location data to be leveraged in URL integrations with many map displays, image systems (e.g., Google Street View), and visualization products (e.g., straight-line diagrams). As a progressive web application, OmniSpatial automatically downloads to the calling device upon initialization, making it available in connected and disconnected modes.

Enterprise data can also be downloaded to the device through easy-to-use tools for disconnected use. Upon completion of field or office updates, data can be reviewed and synchronized back into the enterprise data structures via vendor web service calls (e.g., Esri web services) to ensure data is kept current using proper data update processes.

Online or Offline Data Collection and Validation

Automatically download the progressive OmniSpatial web application to the device when opened.

Interactively cache data for offline use by attribute query, what is being viewed on the screen, or a defined geographic area (e.g., county border).

Systematically relocate existing assets or capture new assets using GPS locations from the device (field) or using mouse cursor locations (field or office).

Flexible User Interface on Multiple Platforms

Configure a common user interface for field and office applications on Windows, Android, or iOS.

Collect geotagged images, videos, notes, and audio memos for specific assets or for any location on the map.

Leverage any number of window tiles to view needed data.

Map Collection or LRS Collection

Capture asset/feature locations and attributes by point, line, and polygon on the map.

Locate linear data extents along a linearly referenced map feature (e.g., road surface types, highway shoulder widths, pipe materials/coatings, etc.).

Capture new linear features with LRS measures (geometry or driven) in the field and assign linear attributes in the same collection pass.

Extendible Field and Office Application for Consistent Data Entry

Data updates and collection of roadway centerlines, assets, inventory, and characteristics can be achieved in the field or office. Synchronization is completed leveraging source system web service calls to ensure data integrity is maintained.

In the field – Downloaded and cached enterprise data (or online data if connection is available) is collected and updated in the field. Newly captured data is synchronized with the enterprise database when network connectivity is reestablished. Quality reviews can be conducted prior to synchronization or data can be synchronized into a quality review environment prior to formal updates to the source system of record.

In the office – Online data is captured or updated based on findings in as-built plans, aerial photography, video log data, or other remotely-sensed data such as LiDAR. As with the field data collection, data can go through quality reviews prior to formal synchronization into the system of record database.

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