Today’s Work – Eating the Elephant in the Room

Today’s Work – Eating the Elephant in the Room featured image

The speed in which the world moves today is unparalleled to anything we have ever seen before. The need to change and adapt to a new way of working now underpins almost everything we do, and yet, more often than not, our response is to work even harder using our traditional approaches - largely ignoring the Elephant in the room.

With every organization in the world going through some form of digital transformation in an attempt to drive success and keep their people and organizations ready for what comes next, recognizing the Elephant can be much simpler than understanding how to tackle it. One. Bite. At. a. Time.

As we try to keep pace with the changing world and the new NOW of Work there are three key tenants to driving success and keeping you and your organization ready for what comes next.

Join global HR thought-leader Jason Averbook for this live, interactive Master Class with Q&A moderated by Claire Badger from our hosts Rizing, to learn WHY Strategy/Communication, Listening and Insights/Action should be your key focus, and get practical advice on HOW to create YOUR new Now of Work.

Featured Speakers

Jason Averbook

Jason Averbook is a global keynote speaker, industry analyst, thought leader and consultant on human resources and workforce experience.

Claire Badger

Claire is passionate about HR technology and has 12+ years of generalist functional and technical experience within diverse Human Resources environments.