How Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) Supported a Quickly Growing Workforce Through Pandemic and Beyond with WorkForce Software

How Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) Supported a Quickly Growing Workforce Through Pandemic and Beyond with WorkForce Software featured image

100% federally fundedInland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) serves members of Medi-Cal and Medicare in Southern California. At IEHP, company culture is of the utmost importance. Their 1.3+ million members mean everything to them, but in order to take good care of their members, IEHP has to take good care of their own team. It was that ethos that prompted their HR transformation journey.  

IEHP shared their story at the 2020 WorkForce Software® VISION event. The full session is now available to watch as a WorkForce Software Groundbreaker session here and is recapped below.  

A Day In the Life in 2013 

Obamacare initiatives caused IEHP to grow very quickly. As their memberships doubled, so did their workforce. Though some automation was in place, many processes remained manual, and timesheets remained on paper. While IEHP’s legacy Time and Attendance solution met their minimum requirements, reporting issues and mistrust between the users and the solution caused serious challenges 

As the organization grewIEHP knew they needed something more: urgent innovation 

They needed a way to make sure everyone was paid right – and paid right the first timeSimultaneously, they needed to consider the rules and complexities of the healthcare industry balanced with the intricate laws and state-level guidelines of CaliforniaCompensation for extra shifts, returning to work from leave, personal support…the list of requirements was big.   

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The Journey to Transformation Had Begun   

As a public entity, IEHP began their process through a formal vendor selection. Ultimately, the team decided on WorkForce Software as their solution of choice for its comprehensive time and attendance features, and its ability to work with the fullsuite SAP® SuccessFactors® HR solution.  

When it came down to selecting a partner, IEHP felt that Rizing had the right skillset to help them implement their hefty transformation plan, which included 

  • WorkForce Software – Time & AttendanceAbsence Compliance 
  • SAP SuccessFactors – Employee Central, Talent Modules, Compensation, Performance & Goals, Succession & Career Development 
  • Benefitfocus 
  • Sodales 
  • Application Managed Services for ongoing support 

In order to manage such an intricate project, IEHP knew their full attention had to first be given to WorkForce Software Time & Attendance 

Preparing, planning, and learning as much as possible about their processes, strengths, and pain points was key. The mantra was: “If you can’t map your current, you cant map your future. And IEHP took this advice seriously by sparing no effort in learning as much about themselves as possible. From sitting down with each internal department head to hiring a third-party process engineer, they made sure that everything was modeled accurately and documented clearly.   

There was a lot of work to be done but IEHP’s diligence in planning and preparing paid off when two years of transformation were finally live in December 2019.  

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The Unexpected Hiccup  

COVID-19 brought a new set of challenges to this healthcare organization. All of a suddenIEHP needed to keep their people moving safely and keep paying their employees amidst the chaos. They were asking themselves many critical questions. How do we track who gets sick? How do we support our employees? Who is most at risk and how do we protect them? 

IEHP did not wait to answer these questions and began their response to the pandemic as quickly as possible. Like we said, employees are at the heart of IEHP’s culture, so they needed to make sure employees felt supported, protected, and could take care of their members.  

It was very much “changing the engine while flying the plane”. IEHP’s IT department was able to facilitate over 2,500 employees to work from home in less than two weeks. California’s generous leave laws meant that IEHP had to accommodate new leave codes and pay codes due to COVID-19, yielding changes in their Time & Attendance and Absence Tracking solution. Employees were trained on these updates while Rizing ensured the new changes in the system were legally compliant. Wage and hour impacts for essential employees were managed.  

Crossing the Finish Line 

Looking back, the existing partnership with Rizing and a fortunate timing on their initial transformation implementation are what enabled them to respond speedily and seamlessly to the pandemic.  

When we asked IEHP what advice they would give to an organization looking to transform their HR processes, they shared these four tips: 

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare 
  2. Trust the process 
  3. Support your team while they learn and adjust to a new system with new processes 
  4. It really is a team effort with your internal team and with your partner 

While IEHP is still very much in their WorkForce Software journey, their foundation is built, tried, and tested – and they’re ready to keep going.  

If you enjoyed this story and would like to listen to the full session, you can access it on the WorkForce Software Groundbreaker Session page here