Improve the efficiency of your training management process with LMS Planner, an intuitive planning tool for the management and scheduling of corporate training that fully integrates with SAP SuccessFactors LMS.

Global View of Resources

Locate capable and available resources throughout the organization with a holistic view of training information

Long Term Planning

Provide long term planning requirements for schedulers based on new demands or based on historical data

Optimize Scheduling

Provide management and transparency to the decisions, approvals, and revisions in a single platform


  • Save time by having all your LMS information in a single, easy to visualize UI
  • Effectively forecast with “what-if” scenarios thanks to the integration of needs, demand, and capacity
  • Provide complete visibility from initial implementation to ongoing changes with robust approvals and version control
  • Find capable and available resources including trainers and facilities
  • View calendar with daily, weekly, and monthly view by resources color coded by type for clear visibility
  • Integrated with SuccessFactors LMS to leverage course and resource information and manage offering details

  • Plan training schedule
  • Create course offerings
  • Coordinate with trainers

  • View training schedule
  • Provide support for scheduling

  • View training schedule
  • Coordinate with schedulers

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