Providing a great Learning Management System (LMS) for your employees is important to satisfy your organization’s training goals and ensure staff have critical skills and competencies. However, it’s the combination of an LMS with great content that will truly allow your training to thrive.

Finding good content is challenging. Companies often create that content in-house, and that can be helpful, but it also can be time-consuming and lack agility when content needs to be updated. That’s where tapping into curated content can help fill out your LMS and ensure it has relevant coursework, videos, and documents.

Curate or Create?

There’s no shortage of content out there, but you need to identify the right type of content for your company in populating your LMS.

The place to start is with the uniqueness of the content you need. Is it something generic, such as telephone skills or Microsoft Excel training? If that’s the case, then it’s probably not worth having your in-house resources create the content when those are things that have been done dozens of times over.

If your content need is not unique, regardless of whether you have limited or many resources, you’d be better off buying that pre-created training from a content provider.

There are trainings and educational resources that will need to be more tailored to your business. In that case, you may want to look at co-developing content or outsourcing it to a partner if your in-house resources are limited. If you do have the luxury of a robust in-house instructional development team, then the highly specialized content is where you want to deploy that resource.

As you can see, the answer to “Curate or Create” is complicated. It depends on your situation and taking stock of your needs and resources will help you decide whether to buy pre-built content or create it in-house.

SAP SuccessFactors and OpenSesame Content Integration

For those situations where buying content is the best course of action, SAP SuccessFactors Learning features easy integration with content provider OpenSesame. This enables you to populate SuccessFactors Learning with great content without fuss.