Absence Compliance Tracker

PTO management handled

Why WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker?

Help Employees Manage Time-off Requests and Well-Being

  • Help employees plan with views of balances, workflows, and criteria
  • Speed up approvals with automated validation and workflows
  • Reduce burnout risk with alerts for employees that haven’t taken enough time off


Improve Processes and Reduce Costs

  • Auto-post approved time-off requests to timesheets with gross pay calculations
  • Auto-approve time-off requests that meet standards
  • Validate requests against current and future balances


Simplify and Prove Compliance

  • Streamline setup of laws and common policies with pre-built templates
  • Adapt to meet changing requirements, unique policies, or more generous benefits
  • Demonstrate compliance with complete audit trails — from initial requests to the employee’s return


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