Time and Attendance

Stress Free Payroll

Why WorkForce Time and Attendance?

Easy and Accurate Hours Tracking

  • Employees can clock in and out via phone, tablet or kiosk
  • Use photo ID, geofencing, and facial recognition to prevent time theft or buddy-punching
  • Allow employees to review hours, update timesheets, and submit time off requests in a self-serve environment
  • Generate electronic timecards after every shift


Easily Manage Payroll Issues

  • Be alerted when employees are absent, late clocking in, or early punching out
  • Monitor attendance in real-time
  • Manage call-outs, fill open shifts, and allow shift-swapping
  • Gather feedback from employees during clock-out
  • Stay compliant with an audit trail from clock-in to payroll processing.


Stress-free Paydays with integration to HR and Payroll

  • Auto-approve timesheets in bulk
  • Generate payroll in minutes
  • Allow for employee time off, deductions, and allowances
  • Synch data to HR for certifications, leave balances, etc.


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