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, Created on January 11, 2022
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“Totally confused.”

That’s how a recent New York Times article recently described employers when it came to understanding COVID vaccine mandates and how they were going to meet those mandates.

Most Employers Plan to Track Vaccination Status

In spite of the ongoing confusion, Gartner reports that at least 90% of U.S. employers are planning to track employee vaccination status.

Retailers Even More So

Retailers should be especially concerned.

“Retail environments and schools are two places with high transmission rates,” says Mark O’Donnell, Rizing Senior Vice President of Experience Management. “So, retailers are likely to see stricter ongoing requirements for measurement, tracking, and reporting.”

Rizing Vaccination Status Manager

While the mandate landscape is still coming into focus – especially on an international level – a solution for tracking employee vaccination status is already on the market.

Rizing is pleased to offer its Vaccination Status Manager, which allows employers to survey employees for their status. The system then uses a system of workflows, notifications, and dashboards for reporting.

The solution leverages Qualtrics experience management software and SAP® technologies.

How does the Vaccination Status Manager work?

Employee is Vaccinated

The process begins with an employee survey – either sent via email, administered via a kiosk, or even triggered by a QR code.

“The first survey asks employees ‘Are you vaccinated: yes or no?’,” says O’Donnell. “If the answer is Yes, we collect which vaccine, what location, and what date. The employee then uploads a copy of the vaccination certificate, which gets pushed to their supervisor or HR team, who then validates the certificate. Once verified, the data is pushed to the system dashboard for monitoring.”

Employee is Not Vaccinated

“If the employee answers No to the first survey question, then we ask, ‘Are you planning on being vaccinated?’,” says O’Donnell. “Even if they are planning to get vaccinated, they’ll be required to submit a completed COVID test weekly until they can provide proof of vaccination for validation.”

Managing Positive Results

How a given employer manages and communicates a positive test result is up to them.

“Most of our customers would rather not say ‘You know, Mark’s positive’,” explains O’Donnell. “They would rather have the system tell a supervisor that ‘Mark shouldn’t be at work at the moment – either because he’s tested positive, or he hasn’t returned a result.”

What About New Boosters?

As viruses adapt, new or additional vaccines may be required to effectively fight them.

“The system is adaptable,” says O’Donnell. “We can add a workflow asking, ‘Have you received your booster?’ and manage it using the same process as we currently do. It’s very achievable within the platform.”


For reporting, the Vaccine Status Manager includes a series of graphic dashboards:

Vaccination Summary Overview

A summary of vaccination and testing status can be filtered by department, job level, recorded date, and vaccination status. Statistics can be plotted over time, viewed against a goal, or broken out by generation, gender, or department.

Distribution of Surveys

Tracks distribution of surveys, bounces, open rates, or incomplete surveys.

Testing Management

Shows total employees currently unvaccinated and over time. Shows testing by gender, job level, organizational level, department, or location.

Positive Diagnosis

Shows total employees who have tested positive currently and over time. Can be viewed by gender, job level, organizational level, or location.

Manager View

Summary page for managers shows data only for direct reports. Data includes a summary of both vaccine and testing status with other filters available.

Ticketing Reporting

Shows open, aging and resolution time, history and details of each ticket.

Vaccination Status Data Privacy

The Rizing Vaccination Status Manager allows employers to keep strict control on who can see the data.

“We separate the COVID vaccine information into a separate directory, so we can determine who does or doesn’t have access to it,” says O’Donnell.

Need to move quickly?

“Rizing offers a rapid deployment model for customers looking to move quickly,” says O’Donnell.

Next Steps

Need to start tracking the vaccination status of your workforce? Please contact us to start a conversation. We can provide estimates for costs and implementation timelines in a prompt fashion.

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