Your Role in Managing COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace: Meeting Employer Requirements for Tracking

On-Demand Webinar

We finally have viable vaccines to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19. But that’s just half the battle in returning our workplaces to their previous state. Vaccine tracking and management are now imperative. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Canadian Workers Compensation Board (WCB) place employers at the center of the process for ensuring protection against virus transmission.

What do employers need to do to ensure a continuously safe workplace concerning COVID-19 vaccinations?

SAP customers are using Rizing’s solutions for tracking COVID-19 exposure and identifying risk. The next step is ensuring employees are vaccinated or even facilitating those vaccines to meet Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) concerns.

In this webinar, you will learn about requirements and best practices for managing COVID-19 including how to:

  • Formulate a plan to manage risk, reluctance, and urgency of vaccinations
  • Establish secure methods for tracking vaccination status leveraging SAP solutions
  • Be prepared for the unexpected and have well-designed communication plans that keep everyone informed

We have reached a turning point with the availability of vaccines. Join us to discover how to keep moving forward with an informed and protected workforce.

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Watch the webinar: