International Women’s Day: A Seat at the Table

Created on March 9, 2021
Last updated on August 8th, 2023 at 4:22 pm by Donna Hahn

Editor’s note: International Women’s Day theme for 2021 is Choose to Challenge. We asked our leaders to present their personal views and share stories of challenges they have undertaken. Meet Donna Hahn, Change Management Lead in Rizing’s Consumer Industries business. These are Donna’s personal observations. 

Conscious choices lead to change

I’ve realized that intentionality implies action through conscious choices. By being intentional in celebrating women’s achievements, smashing stereotypes, and challenging bias, these milestones are recognized as purposeful and deliberate.

Our religious organization has never had a woman on the Board of Directors until I was asked to join three years ago. As the first woman on the Board in the history of the organization’s 40+ years, this is a landmark accomplishment. And although the remainder of the Board is male and white  – and from all walks of life, educational backgrounds, and ages – my addition to the group has made the Board more well-rounded.

Emotion as a strength

There is a bias regarding the stereotype of women being more emotional than men and thusly unable to make pragmatic decisions. As a woman, I choose to challenge this stereotype as we are all emotional beings, and that influences our decision-making and behavior regardless of gender. I choose not to be intimated by utilizing the data points of emotional intelligence. Instead, I choose to turn that knowledge into a strength.

I have been welcomed by my church’s Board Members having known many of them since I was 18-years old. Being nominated and approved to join this group of decision-makers continues to be a learning experience for me. It solidifies my belief that women should be at the table wherever decisions are being made.


About the Author

Donna Hahn is no stranger to challenge. She is a Change Management Lead in Rizing’s Consumer Industries practice. She specializes in HR technologies with over 15+ years of experience managing ERP systems implementation in the consumer industries, pharmaceutical, and utilities environments.  Her areas of expertise include Organizational Management​, Change Management, Acquisitions & Mergers​, Training Oversight, Global Implementations of SAP on-premise. Donna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration​, a Master of Arts in Organizational Management​, and is a Doctoral Candidate in General Leadership. 


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