Rizing Executive Appointed to SAP BTP Advisory Council

, Created on May 20, 2024
by Mike Boyink

Martin Stenzig, Global Head, SAP BTP, Wipro, SAP Enterprise Technology & Future of Work Lead for Rizing and Wipro, has been appointed as the co-chairman of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Advisory Council, a group that guides SAP’s strategy and development for its BTP offerings.

The BTP Advisory Council includes around 25 representatives from 14 major SAP partners and system integrators.

As co-chair, Stenzig will work alongside an SAP representative to facilitate discussions, gather feedback, and provide strategic guidance to SAP on its BTP products and services. This strategic placement positions Rizing at the forefront of discussions shaping the future of SAP BTP and provides a competitive edge in the industry.

“I’m honored and humbled to receive this appointment,” said Stenzig. “The council’s role is to help steer SAP’s commercial and technical decisions related to the BTP, ensuring they align with the needs and challenges faced by partners and customers.”

The BTP Advisory Council meetings involve strategy updates from SAP, presentations from partners, and open discussions on topics like product roadmaps, pricing models, and technical challenges. According to Stenzig, the council operates collaboratively, with members freely sharing ideas and feedback to benefit the entire ecosystem.

For Rizing customers, Stenzig’s involvement in the council offers several advantages:

Advanced Visibility

It provides advanced visibility into SAP’s plans for the BTP, allowing Rizing to align its strategy accordingly.

Amplified Customers

The voice of Rizing’s customers gets amplified as the council’s consolidated feedback carries more weight than individual requests.

Corporate Alignment

Finally, Stenzig’s position on the council ensures Rizing remains closely aligned with SAP’s vision and best practices for implementing BTP solutions.

“Being part of this council allows us to speak not just for one customer, but for an industry customer group,” explained Stenzig. “We can bring forward requests from our customers alongside those from other companies, giving it more influence with SAP.”

BTP is a cloud-based platform for integrating data and applications and has been a major success for SAP. The company aims to grow its BTP revenue from $2 billion last year to $10 billion within five years.

Stenzig’s appointment is a personal honor but also a testament to Rizing’s stature within the SAP ecosystem. The appointment underscores Rizing’s role as a key player capable of shaping industry standards and enhancing the value delivered to its clients through its consultancy and integration services. As SAP continues to evolve BTP, Rizing’s involvement in the advisory council will ensure that its clients and the broader market benefit from more integrated, efficient, and forward-thinking solutions.

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