A Letter From Our CEO

Created on April 26, 2022
by Mike Maiolo

To our valued customers, partners, and colleagues,

Two decades ago, a small group of us embarked on a mission to raise the standards for a successful SAP partnership by focusing on customer outcomes. Our goal was to make business friends and advocates for life through our industry knowledge and SAP skills. Today, I am excited to share that we are reaching another level in achieving our vision and mission.

This morning a press release announced that we have entered into a definitive agreement for Wipro Limited to acquire Rizing. We will deliver our customer-centric, relationship-driven approach and rich understanding of our clients’ industries at scale by combining our business with Wipro. Opportunities to share our unique skills will be broader and richer. Rizing will be renamed “Rizing, a Wipro company,” and I will continue to lead Rizing along with the rest of our executive team. The Rizing you know will remain Rizing.

We have always believed that the work we do is not so much about technology, but about people. We bring the best talent to bear on customer solutions – people with real-world experience in the industries we serve. Every customer relationship is personal to us. We dig in and understand what people need to be successful and create a competitive advantage for our clients through our industry knowledge and personal approach.

We have earned a lot of recognition from SAP and our customers for our work. But there is so much more we can and want to accomplish to accelerate our clients’ growth. Wipro’s acquisition of Rizing promises to create synergies that will move the needle even further to help our customers meet their strategic objectives.

We know our customers need real business transformation – beyond the implementation of the SAP software. Over the past several years, we have been increasing our focus on ways to help customers get more out of their investment through automation, AI, evidenced-based analytics, real-time integration of disparate systems, and the agility of cloud technology. We continue to actively create innovative solutions, building on the SAP Business Technology Platform to expand how SAP works for you.

We have a solid team of consultants and developers here at Rizing – and we’re proud of our talent. With Wipro’s breadth of capabilities, we create a strong partnership, and one of the most differentiated SAP services today, to solve our customer’s most complex challenges. Wipro’s vision is fully aligned to our strategic goals and our leadership’s direction for the future. We believe that together, we will build an SAP consulting powerhouse that leads customers to the intelligent enterprise.

Our future will not change who we are at our roots. Our values, vision, and mission remain intact and are aligned with Wipro. Fundamentally, we believe that every great relationship begins with a conversation. We are – and will remain – committed to building and maintaining relationships with all of you for life.

You have my personal commitment to continued excellence, integrity, collaboration, respect, and courage. Please reach out to me or to any one of our leadership team with your questions. You remain the reason we come to work each morning – motivated to be a true partner in creating value for you with SAP and our own ingenuity and innovation.

Warm regards,

Mike Maiolo

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