Unraveling the mystery of the Intelligent Enterprise

Created on August 15, 2020
Last updated on December 7th, 2023 at 8:56 am by Sherryanne Meyer

For years, we have all been advised to move towards the Intelligent Enterprise. But what is it, really?

The concept may have originated with a 1992 book by James Brian Quinn, a Harvard Professor. But for those of us in business who have been persuaded that the intelligent enterprise is why we need to invest in more technology, the business case can often seem vague.

Google the term, “intelligent enterprise” and you’ll get over 242,000 results. Many are willing to help and to offer their own definition of what the intelligent enterprise is or will become. But what’s the right answer for you and your business?

Now there’s a better way to get that answer.

SAP is enabling select partners with capabilities to go beyond the jargon and perplexing messaging. The SAP Intelligent Enterprise Partner Ambassador program equips partners with the knowledge, resources, and tools to capably understand your business in your geography and apply solutions that are individual to you.  Ambassadors receive specialized training, have opportunities for continuing collaboration with SAP experts and fellow ambassadors, and have access to a technical demo environment with pre-built scenarios. Qualified ambassadors have the knowledge and the skills to expertly apply the SAP technology to your business situation and develop a business case for change where relevant.

We are proud of our own employees’ who have achieved certification as SAP Intelligent Enterprise Partner Ambassadors. Congratulations to

  • Rob Ericsson, Vice President, Global Business Development
  • Edward Lee, Vice President, Enterprise Asset Management, APAC
  • Jonathan Berke, Vice President, HCM Solution Center

So, if you are wondering exactly what the Intelligent Enterprise has for you, ask us. Our Ambassadors have you covered.

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