SAP: Leveraging Infrastructure Intelligence for Smart and Safe Communities

Industry experts think the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)  is a “once-in-a-generation” reinvestment to modernize the country’s aging infrastructure.

The Act provides extensive transportation, water, energy, and digital connectivity upgrades. It also addresses the resilience and rehabilitation of our natural resources.

However, having a best-in-class technology foundation to support physical infrastructures is key to delivering on the promise of “smart” and “safe” communities.

At a recent SAP® webinar, Noel Fagan, CEO at Rizing EAM, joined other experts to discuss how Harris County, Texas and Houston Metro leaders revitalized and redesigned their asset structures in partnership with Rizing and SAP.


  • Noel Fagan
    CEO Rizing EAM
  • Don Ingle
    SAP Industry Executive Advisor – State and Local Government, Education
  • Alexi Miller
    Houston Metro Authority Director Transit Asset Management
  • David Penninger
    Houston Metro Authority IT Program Management Director


  • Overview of the IIJA and how the funds will be allocated
  • State and local trends that are driving the need for digital transformation
  • Physical and Technical Infrastructure – why both are needed

Catch the Replay

View the slides and watch the replay of the event.