Streamline Your Agency’s FHWA Submittal Process with HPMS Assistant

On-Demand Webinar

Many DOTs continue to struggle to address the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) annual submittal process.  Rizing Geospatial’s HPMS Assistant is used to merge and validate data from existing road inventory databases and other operational systems based on DOT and FHWA guidelines. As data is compiled and validated, indicators denote which steps in the HPMS workflow have been successfully completed. HPMS Assistant produces the files for both the Interstate pavement and related data submittal due in April and the final full submittal dune in June.

Join Rizing Geospatial, together with Kelley Abbott of Colorado DOT and Sam Coldiron of Oklahoma DOT, to learn more about HPMS Assistant and how it is helping our clients simplify their HPMS submittals.

Learn how HPMS Assistant can help you:

  • track your HPMS submittal process,
  • consolidate disparate data sources,
  • validate your HPMS data items and sample sections based on FHWA data requirements,
  • generate the necessary attribute, summary, and map submittal files.

Meet the Speakers

Connie Gurchiek
President Geospatial, Rizing
Sam Coldiron
Road Inventory Manager and HPMS Coordinator, Oklahoma DOT
Kelley Abbott
HPMS Coordinator, Colorado DOT
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Watch the webinar: