Motivating and Empowering Utilities Employees

How Rizing can help your utility organization transform the experience you offer your employees

The utilities sector – which encompasses power, natural gas, water and sewage – is one upon which we all depend. Globally, its value is predicted to reach $8,105b in 2026. It’s also a sector in the midst of change. As well as the challenges posed by Covid-19, utilities are under enormous pressure from customers and citizens to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint, as well as adhere to an ever-growing set of regulations and requirements. According to a recent study, 93% of utility organizations plan to adapt to meet consumer expectations for a cleaner economy over the next few years.

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly central role in helping utilities businesses achieve these targets, and Covid-19 has amplified the need for more automated, digital tools in areas such as IoT, edge computing and AI. A recent study reveals that the pandemic accelerated digital implementation in 45% of utility companies.

However the reality also remains that many utility forms are still using dated technology to manage core infrastructure like payroll and HR, which limits efficiencies, impacts the employee experience, and increases potential vulnerability to cyber-attack. This eBook we explore some of the core challenges that relate specifically to employee experience in the utilities sector, and explain how a solution from Rizing can help.

In this eBook:
  1. Challenges for the utilities sector
  2. Is your employee experience up to scratch
  3. How to innovate with technology
  4. Success story: Fortis BC
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