Case Study

Global Retailer Supports Business Growth with
SAP S/4HANA​® for Fashion

Renowned for its high-quality raw untreated denims, this major Dutch apparel brand operates its own global network of retail outlets and franchised locations.​

To support future growth, improve customer satisfaction, inspire greater customer loyalty, and create more consistent customer experiences, the company recently worked with Rizing on a large-scale SAP-based business transformation.​


Global Best practices

Streamline and harmonize global retail processes

Unified Real-time Actionable Data

Enhance stock visibility and inventory management with real-time data reporting


Enable future enhancements to the wholesale processes


  • Lack of Inventory Visibility: Current systems lacked visibility into inventory, hindering the execution of omnichannel services.​ ​
  • Non-Standardized Processes: Inconsistent processes across regions and departments were inefficient and limited the brand’s ability to grow and stay competitive.
  • Outdated Front Office Retail System: The company’s outdated front office retail system failed to support its expansion strategies, impeding innovation and customer engagement initiatives.
  • Lack of Back Office Support: Lack of back office support systems complicated their decision-making and slowed responses to market dynamics and customer needs.

Solution Highlights

Rizing replaced a decentralized retail ERP and POS system with a global template POS solution integrated with S/4HANA and SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR). As a result,​ the customer benefited from:

  • Enhanced customer insights, trends, and buying patterns across channels
  • Better visibility into consumer activity globally
  • Streamlined order consolidation into one location
  • Improved planning and order fulfillment capabilities

Additionally, RFID integration to S/4HANA revolutionized the customer’s inventory management processes with real time and accurate inventory visibility. This also eliminated manual exchanges and reduced errors.

SAP S/4HANA for Fashion Project Strategy

  • Scalability: Rizing built a global template of standardized process to be rolled out to any country with minimum adjustments.
  • Standardization: We led a practices-driven development of a global template using our Future Reference Solution (FRS) and the preconfigured attune Fashion Suite™.
  • Harmonization: The solution template is applicable in 29 countries, ensuring harmonization and streamlining of client’s global retail processes and franchise partner onboarding process.​
  • End-to-End Implementation: We rolled out SAP S/4HANA for Fashion with eCommerce integration across the client’s retail and franchise operations.

How SAP S/4HANA Fashion Helped This Global Retailer Overcome Three Challenges​

Challenge: The legacy ERP couldn’t keep up with expansion goals

SAP S/4HANA helped by providing a global template that drove regional expansions and accelerated new franchise onboarding.

Challenge: Incomplete inventory visibility across regions and locations

SAP S/4HANA helped by providing accurate inventory visibility resulting in rapid order fulfillment.

Challenge: Limited functionality of handheld devices in retail stores

SAP S/4HANA helped by providing the ability to integrate and process front and back-office operations.

SAP S/4HANA Fashion Benefits

Robust Platform for Growth

Operational Efficiency

The standardized retail system and processes resulted in increased efficiency globally.

Real-Time Visibility

The system improved inventory management and distribution with real-time insights into stock levels.

Omnichannel Capabilities

The updated omnichannel services meet evolving retail demands.​

Cost and Time Savings

Rizing’s development approach saved significant time and costs and contributed to the project’s success. ​

Long-Term Support​

SAP solutions, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP CAR, SAP PI & SAP POS provide this global company with a robust foundation to support their long-term objectives. ​

“ Thanks to standardized processes and technology, this retail fashion brand is now set up for easier future growth and market expansion.”​

Andrei Patrulescu, Rizing Customer Engagement Manager​

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