“By 2020, it is projected that millennials will go from 5 percent of the buying power to close to 20 percent of buying power. This generation grew up with cell phones in their hands, with laptops, with tablets – they are very digitally engaged,” said John D’Anna, senior vice president and CIO of Brookshire Grocery Company. “Our business has to simplify everything for that customer.”

Assisted by SAP consulting partner Rizing, phase one of Brookshire Grocery’s customer-centric program included embedding customer data into business processes. This allows stores to connect with customers at a more contextual level.

The solution also provides personalized promotions that go straight to the company’s mobile app and get loaded on the customer’s loyalty card.

“Brookshire Grocery has benefited tremendously from our partnership with Rizing as we’ve digitally transformed our business,” said D’Anna. “With of its expertise in SAP technology, retail business and customer loyalty, Rizing helped us implement a leading-edge SAP loyalty platform that will set the standard for the grocery industry.”

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