It’s hard to get a clear view of your production status when getting updates from multiple vendors takes so much time. Many organizations are forced to pull data out of different Excel sheets and combine everything manually.

Challenges Facing Fashion Brands, Sourcing Companies, and Manufacturers

  • Outdated information due to the time-consuming process of collating the report
  • Multiple versions of the truth
  • Inability to collaborate in real-time
  • Difficulty in viewing and editing production plans

To help fashion manufacturers, our Production Status Reporting solution provides a single platform to gain accurate and timely production reports – key for decision making and evaluation.

This video was originally produced by attune, now part of Rizing.

How Can Fashion Companies Benefit from Rizing’s Production Status Reporting Tool?

  • Single portal to keep track of production status across multiple vendors
  • View visual dashboard on production progress at operation and SKU level
  • Eliminate spreadsheet-based reporting processes
  • Collaborate with supply chain planning heads, quality control teams, and vendor teams on  production status

Learn More:

Download the Rizing Production Status Factsheet (pdf).