Asset Management experts who are also Asset Management Software experts

Rizing’s team of industry experts has decades of experience in asset management strategy implementation and ensures your asset management works in tandem with your business processes.

Using our knowledge of industry best practices, EAM software, and business initiatives, our team helps identify areas for improvement and implement an asset management strategy.

Asset management strategies help prevent unwanted downtime, ensure maintenance schedules, promote reliability, and create smoother operations under changing conditions. As experts in EAM, our team can help devise a strategy specifically designed to fit your business, your goals, and your assets.

Asset Management Standards – ISO 55000

Rizing is a proud pioneer of the asset management discipline. We were part of the PC-251 committee to develop the ISO 55000, and we remain a member of the U.S. Technical Committee (TC-251) to advance the ISO 55000 standard. We are also members of the Institute of Asset Management.

With this expertise, we provide:

  • Asset management site assessments to ensure ISO 55000 compliance
  • Educational workshops to understand updates to the standards
  • Strategic updates on the direction of asset management around the world

Business Process Development and Optimization

We work with businesses that use all kinds of EAM software — including those that haven’t chosen a software yet. Rizing’s team of experts assesses your current maintenance and reliability work processes and improves your work practices.

The assessment reviews the current state of the maintenance organization and compares it to recognized best practices.

During this process, we establish the “as-is” condition for the current maintenance and reliability organization by examining these key areas:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Maintenance workflows
  • CMMS/EAM utilization
  • Operations involvement
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reliability practices (RCM)
  • Total predictive maintenance
  • Financial optimization
  • Continuous improvement activities

Health Check

We can help you identify asset maintenance problems before they become production problems. Our Asset Management Health Check gives you a clear idea of your asset management process effectiveness and ensures the long-term health of your assets.

This service is available regardless of the EAM software you’re using. We can also help if you’re not using any EAM software at all.


  • Assess your equipment and processes to ensure the health of your assets
  • Prevent unexpected downtime
  • Improve cost sight lines for your finance team
  • Ensure expensive assets have long-term survivability
  • Create smooth transitions when personnel change
  • Implement efficient systems and reduce stress and frustrations for maintenance personnel

Value Realization

Value Realization showcases the tangible or actual business value of an IT system or improvement initiative. We believe that the true key to implementing a successful business value realization strategy involves four elements:

  • Collaboration between IT, stakeholders/board members, and other department representatives
  • Focus on business before technology
  • A clear strategy of where the business is going and how it wants to operate
  • Communication


  • Gain clarity into the tangible benefits of an asset management project
  • Understand the business challenges that need to be addressed
  • Connect the dots between your business and operational strategies
  • Avoid miscommunications between senior leadership and managers


We can help review your roadmap and current state with our proven framework and methodologies. Our experts examine end-state goals, assess initiatives, and help develop your business roadmap in accordance with factors like regulatory oversights, mergers, and acquisitions.


  • Meet your current objectives and vision
  • Increase control and transparency
  • Align with industry standards (like ISO 55000)
  • Ensure optimal use of existing tools and tech
  • Retire redundant systems
  • Improve efficiency
  • Prioritize and allocate limited resources across all lines of business

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